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Affirmations for when shit gets weird

“We are surrounded by miracles, but we have to recognize them…otherwise there is no life.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

The past six weeks, specifically the last seven days, have been rough. All of the whirlwind of moving out of my house in Nashville, quitting my jobs, traveling, and starting a new job has left me dizzy and woozy. I’ve been feeling knots in the pit of my stomach, I’ve felt the anxiety expanding in my chest. I’ve cried in the shower until the water ran cold; I almost plucked out all of my eyelashes when one of them got stuck in my eye and I started to panic. 

I’ve been dealing with some dark inner shit. The shadows and fears all seem to be emerging at once and it sucks. It seems to be happening to a lot of us right now. There’s some weird energy challenging the status quo, and it seems to be affecting everyone. 

I’ve been letting it happen. I’ve been trying to feel all of it without judgement or self-criticism. I’ve been taking long walks in the woods and eating chocolate ice cream with peanut butter. I’ve been dancing my heart out and punching the air to “Ghost” by Ella Henderson. I’ve been writing long lists of gratitude and affirmations. I’m not sure how long this period of transition and transformation will keep kicking me in the teeth, but here are a few things I do know: 

I can have anything I need or want
I am seeking joy and peace
I am grateful to be alive
I am a receiver and giver of Grace
I choose life. I choose ALIVE-NESS
I do not have to rush, manipulate, or push against what I do not want
The Universe does not make mistakes
I am free
I am worthy
I am loved

I hope that whatever is happening in your daily experience,  you stay grounded in the truth and beauty of who you are. Treat yourself with all of the dignity, honor, and respect you deserve. Shake it off. Dance it out. Call a friend.

This too will pass.
Oak Grove, Missouri 2014

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