Community is of such importance to me that I can’t help but talk and write about it often. On a personal level, I feel the need to redefine what community looks and feels like as I watch traditional places of community such as religious institutions and families of origin become riddled with controversy, confusion, and chaos.

The questions I ask myself are, “Where can we find belonging amidst the instability of transition and loss?” “What does belonging look like for those who find themselves traveling a non-linear path, or who’s path has been interrupted by an unexpected obstacle?” “How can we find understanding if our lives don’t follow the conventional norms?” “How can we express the numbing fear of isolation no matter what kind of lifestyle we are leading?”

Chicago, Illinois 2010

Brené Brown writes profusely about the word empathy and what it means to find connection through vulnerability, honesty, and compassion. Compassion for each other, compassion for ourselves. “You are not alone,” and “me too” are two of the most important, life-sustaining phrases we can utter. There is a well of collective courage we can draw from by sharing our authentic selves with each other.

There is hope, inspiration, and camaraderie available to all of us.

As I traveled the world and encountered more community than I could have ever dreamed of, I realized the great thing about the human condition is that it transcends borders, culture, language, and personal history. It is inclusive, accepting, and unconditional. In true community there is no fear of not good enough or judgement.

There is only unity and collaboration. It is a place where fears are soothed and dreams are nurtured. It is a place without limitation, a place you can leave and return to at any time. It is a place where comparison and competition lose their appeal. It is a place where diversity and individuality co-exist and compliment the greater Whole.

Housemates, soul mates. Nashville Tennessee, 2015

It’s my hope to welcome you into this kind of creative community where everyone belongs. Browse La Minga, a creative soul collective where you’ll find some of my favorite quotes, videos, and images that have made a profound impact on my life. In the Blogroll section you’ll find some of my favorite, often perused websites from friends and people I deeply admire. You’ll find resources on travel, spirituality, and social justice.

On the Pathfinders page, you’ll read interviews of people who have blazed their own trail with the courage and determination to dance to the beat of their own drum. I would love for you to share your stories here, too by sending me an email or using the Contact Me page. 

Share your triumphs as well as your defeats, your sorrows and your joys. Let’s celebrate the moments of transition and the cycles of completion. Let’s walk beside each other in silence when words are not enough, let’s sing at the top of our lungs when contentment overflows. Let’s journey together with the knowledge that we are never truly alone.

African, American, Australian, European, we are all One.
Our international family, Ghana 2013

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