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  • Motherhood Chronicles

    Hot takes from a Housewife

    The more I notice it, the more questions I have. Is our elevation of the pregnant woman and unborn life just a glorification of our growth potential? Does the degradation of new moms and motherhood, in general, speak to how little we value the messy process of becoming? Of the actual growth itself and the effort and time it takes? 

  • Motherhood Chronicles

    Chronicles of Motherhood: The simplicity of survival

    The hours, days, and weeks following our discharge from the hospital and Noah’s arrival on this side of life, have been a kaleidoscope of emotions and will. Our previous daily routine pared down to the bare minimum, a merry-go-round of feed the baby, feed ourselves, change the baby, sleep (in fits and starts), feed the baby again, feed ourselves, try to sneak in a shower, sleep again, etc.