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  • Africa, Europe, Life Musings


          I’m sitting in a church pew in Germany, listening to a children’s choir sing German Christmas carols. To my right is a friend I met the very first time…

  • Africa, Faith, Life Musings


    Tears are streaming down her cheek as we sit in the quiet chapel. She looks up at the dome ceiling, the late afternoon winter light barely illuminating the space around us. She…

  • Africa, Faith


    The sky is dark and still. A street light illuminates a dismal, empty parking lot. The noise from passing traffic competes with crickets, happily chirping in dewy grass, singing their hearts out.…

  • Africa

    Saying goodbye to friends

    I just finished watching the last episode of FRIENDS. The one where they all say goodbye and turn in their key. The one where you see the cameras scan the empty purple…