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¡Viva México!

        My sister is coming home from Mexico today. It’s been over a year since my other sister and I left her in the bustling city of Guadalajara and headed for the calm waters of a sleepy beach town named San Blas. A lot has happened in that year. I can’t wait to catch up on adventures, to give her a hug and to make some of our favorite Mexican dishes together. Our mutual love for Mexico is a burgeoning passion that runs deep, bonding us together and making us laugh as we break out our best street slang, moving our shoulders and wagging our fingers as the familiar accent rolls off the tip of our tongue.
This almost deserted beach is one of my favorite “secret” getaways in Mexico!
San Blas, Mexico 2013

       The first time I arrived in Mexico, it took me by storm. I remember sitting in a restaurant with another student, commenting on how so many people don’t consider Mexico “exotic.” We sat surrounded by lush greenery, bright yellow and orange walls, with fresh tropical fruit on our table, perusing a menu written in three languages. Down the street a wide plaza brimmed with activity as women with dark, straight hair, sold their handmade crafts, and men with faces wrinkled from the sun haggled over crates of fresh produce.

       Since then, Mexico has become one of my favorite destinations, not only for its exoticness, but because I truly believe it has something to offer every type of traveler. If you’re interested in history, a visit to Teotihuacan or Tulum will captivate your imagination as you climb the steep steps of ancient temples built by a civilization obsessed with the movement of the planets and stars. For a more modern perspective, visiting the politically controversial murals of Diego Rivera, or spending a day on a Spanish style hacienda will give you a glimpse of revolution and the struggle for freedom  from corrupt leaders and Conquistadores.
Resting on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun
Teotihuacan, Mexico 2013

     If you’re looking for culture, Mexico City pulses with art, dance, and ritual. Visit the house of Frida Kahlo, or take a day trip to Xochimilco and float down ancient canals on colorfully decorated gondolas, reminiscent of a time of luxury and commerce.
These ancient canals are full of fun and revelry!
Xochimilco, Mexico 2013

For a more calming atmosphere, escape to the hills of Guanajuato where romanticism thrives and true caballeros serenade their lovers as they wind through narrow alleyways, singing and dancing through the night. 
This beautiful city comes alive at dusk!
Guanajuato, Mexico 2013

If you’re a foodie, visiting the colonial city of Oaxaca will satisfy your taste buds as the artisan cheese melts in your mouth. Try homemade mezcal, an alcoholic drink similar to Tequila, or pop a few chapulines into your mouth for a satisfying crunch. Drive through Puebla to discover the battle sight of Cinco de Mayo, and try mole poblano, a rich sauce made with chiles and chocolate. Forget your idea of “Tex Mex,” and seek out street vendors with long lines to get a real taste of spicy tacos with a side of steaming pinto beans. Do as the locals and squeeze lime juice over everything and wash it all down with a crisp Sol or refreshing Pacifico.
This cultural hub is known for its specialty cuisine!
Oaxaca, Mexico 2013

      If you’re more of a beach bum than a backpacker, Mexico boasts some of the finest resorts in the world. Head to the Pacific Coast and see why Puerto Vallarta has become a top tourist destination, or travel further south to Riviera Maya and let the tour operators at *First Choice create an all inclusive getaway, taking the stress out of vacation so you can relax.
The white beaches and crystal clear water are perfect for swimming with the backdrop of ancient temples on the cliffs above!
Tulum, Mexico 2013

       Whatever your travel style, Mexico is worth a second, or third look. If you’re worried about safety, check out this post on why Mexico is absolutely a safe destination, whether you’re traveling as a solo female or with a family. Mexico’s wealth of culture, hospitality, and tourism will satisfy any wander luster’s wildest dreams! Keep your heart and expectations open and you will not be disappointed. ¡Viva México!TheBarefootBeat
Looking towards the desert horizon…
Oaxaca, Mexico 2013

*This post has been brought to you by First Choice. All thoughts and opinions expressed are based on my own personal travel experience.

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