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  • North America, Travel Stories


    Temperance, hand in hand with violence, create some magnificent scenery. There is a resonance in my heart as we pass through the barrenness of the desert, letting the wind whip through our…

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    Desert places

          The mosquitoes here don’t carry malaria, and I can’t seek refuge from the persistent bed bugs in his dark and cool apartment, eyes probing mine, slight smile on his lips.…

  • Europe, Travel Stories

    Falling for France

         “I think she has something like fallen in love with France!” I overhear my friend explain to someone we have just met. He is answering all of the familiar questions…

  • Europe, Travel Stories

    Paris in the Summer

    “I’ll show you Paris in the morning…” I keep playing this Joe Purdy song over and over and smiling like a fool as I ride the Paris metro and eat my panini…