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La Ruta de las Cascadas

    I´m writing this from a small internet cafe in Shell. The “l” key doesn´t work and so I have to copy and paste everytime I want to use it in a word. There are more keys than I know what to do with and shft and alt don´t get the same results here. It´s raining. It´s beautiful.
       I arrived in Shell yesterday afternoon after leaving Quito and driving for four hours through arid mountains until suddenly I was in the rainforest. As we were driving I asked my driver Vicente where the jungle began. “After we pass through Baños,” he replied. As we edged closer to  Baños the mountains slowly began turning green. We crossed over a river and I asked, “Are there many waterfalls?” “Si,” he responded. I soon realized what a dumb question I had asked. The road we traveled to Shell is known as the avenue of waterfalls. I soon saw why. Driving through the tunnels on all sides water was pouring in as if it were raining. As I craned my neck to look at the mountainside mini waterfalls were trickling down its sides everywhere. It was if the mountain coudln´t possilby contain any more moisture and so it was trickling out of every pore. This is what I had been waiting for.

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