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    We breathe the rain forest

    “Quito se llama ‘La luz de America,’ he told me and I thought that it wouldn’t hurt so much. This place of water pouring and dripping down verdant valleys and soft, smooth rocks rising up from craters with lava lakes and palms and monos and oil.

  • South America, Travel Stories


    “Are they savages? I mean…do they have religion?” These were questions fielded in my direction when discussing my recent travels. I am at a loss to answer. I hesitate, “What do you…

  • South America, Travel Stories

    La Madre Soltera

         ¨Are you married?¨ she asked me. I look up to respond and the first thing I see are her eyes. They are a light hazel, unlike the others in her community. ¨No,¨ I respond.…