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  • Life Musings

    El entretiempo- time between time

    We are entering the mutable. The sacred. We are living that porous, fluid time between time- el entretiempo. I was making a fall playlist for my sister and started playing around with…

  • Life Musings

    Being in the Gap

    I have been thinking a lot about life and death lately. Not only in the physical sense, but in the metaphysical sense, too. When I was a nurse working in the I.C.U.,…

  • Faith, Life Musings


    Today is a day for writing under the covers. It’s a day for writing one last love letter on unlined paper, to the very first one. The very first one who said it,…

  • Life Musings


    Today is a day of more questions than answers. More queasy, heart racing, incomplete sentences than anything sure or noble to think on. This is a day of swirling memories and emotions,…

  • Africa, Faith


    The sky is dark and still. A street light illuminates a dismal, empty parking lot. The noise from passing traffic competes with crickets, happily chirping in dewy grass, singing their hearts out.…

  • Faith

    Trust without borders

    I’m in over my head. My energy, money, and patience have run out months ago, several countries ago. Things are not going well. In fact, they continue to spin out of control.…