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  • North America, Travel Stories


    Temperance, hand in hand with violence, create some magnificent scenery. There is a resonance in my heart as we pass through the barrenness of the desert, letting the wind whip through our…

  • North America, Travel Stories

    A Million Years

    ‘The point is not to have all of the answers, but to live the questions, honestly and vulnerably, even if it’s painful,’ I remind myself while looking up at the stars for…

  • Life Musings

    Love practice

    Dust from the Sahara desert fertilizes the Amazon basin. Trade winds carry tons of particles containing phosphorous across the ocean, depositing the exact nutrients needed for thick jungle growth. Can we untether…

  • Poetry


         On warm autumn afternoons we sit in the sunshine and put fallen leaves in our hair, weaving them in and out, trying our best to glow, to transform the sun’s…

  • Life Musings

    The Color of September

    “Around the color of September,” she told me, eyes glancing at the sky. A soft smile played on my lips, not wanting to reveal her mistake, yet thinking of how lovely and…