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    Christmas in Ghana

    The persistent thump, thump, of oversized speakers reverberates in the distance, mingling with the sound of shouting and laughter. I’m standing in the middle of a grassless field, arms outstretched, yelling, “Ghana,…

  • Africa, Travel Stories

    Do you see what I see?

    The moon is upside down here. My friend first pointed it out during one of our nightly walks back to our host family. Its crescent shape glows a deep orange against the…

  • Life Musings

    10 Gift Ideas For Travelers

    This year will be my first Christmas away from my family. I’ll be celebrating the holidays in Ghana, a fact I haven’t quite wrapped my head around. The hot, humid climate has…

  • Life Musings

    My Favorite Charities for Christmas Giving

           I’d like to start a new series called “My Favorite Things” that will include reviews of restaurants, bloggers, places, artists, etc. Basically whatever tickles my fancy! To kick off the season…