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New Year Manifesto

I don’t really believe in resolutions or holding myself to a certain set of standards come the New Year. I think every day is an opportunity to make tiny resolutions and set intentions for the path we’d like to walk. I do, however like fresh starts and new beginnings. Yesterday, I went on a walk with my roommate. We talked about transition, gratitude, and our anxiety over the future. When we stopped to look up, the sky was a perfect winter mix of pale blue, dark grey, and faded orange. It felt reverent, as if the heavens  were giving us permission to rest, to take a break, to let the seasons do all of the unfolding and budding for us.

Winter sunrise, 2013
This year, I would like to cooperate with the Mystery instead of putting up my protective punching fists. I would like to invite surprise by releasing control. Here is my manifesto for the New Year.

Dedication for 2015

“I will pursue beauty. I will learn to trust the Divine presence within me to guide me. I will practice using my intuition before I act. I will be patient for the unfolding of all that is yet to come. While I am waiting for some of my desires to manifest physically, I will sing with gratitude and joy for the gifts the Universe has already bestowed. I will practice a pose of contentment and receiving.

I will let go of the ones I love, accepting the roles they have played in my life are perfectly designed for our mutual benefit. I will believe with full confidence in the perfect timing and unfolding of all things.

I will continue to treat myself with care and compassion, as I would a close friend. I will protect myself energetically from situations and people that are depleting. I will honor the reflection of Source through me by choosing unconditional LOVE. I will treat myself and others with grace and forgiveness. I will learn from mercy.

I will be a seeker of clarity and courage, no matter what those around me choose. I will base my decisions in love and not fear. I will take responsibility for my own path, knowing that God will bring those to me with whom I’m meant to share the journey. I will let go of the speed and direction of my destiny. I will let go of any thoughts of limitation or lack. I will accept the abundance being offered to me with courage and thanksgiving.

When others leave my path, I will bless them for their part in shaping and molding my soul. When it is I who choose to leave, I will offer the parting embrace of one who will someday return.

I will dance in the rain and rejoice in the cold, knowing they cleanse my breath and wash away the pain. I will study the wind, not to determine where it goes, but how it goes, leaving its mark on everyone and everything it passes through.

I will allow myself to be hungry and full, knowing both conditions nourish my soul. I will dream of mysterious things and keep watch for the mystical. I will place my faith not in the signs and omens that surround me, but the One who sends them.

I will meditate and percolate in absolute freedom. I will not allow anyone to take that freedom from me, nor will I ask the ones I love to give theirs up to be with me. I will trust in the freedom of love. I will trust in the choice of love, and the generosity love bestows on the one who is loving. I will stop looking for confirmation for that which I already know in my heart. I will accept its truth and continue to water the seeds of faith and hope blossoming in my soul.

I will love and live and let others do the same however they choose.”

Wishing all of you grace and peace this year, with loads of fun and adventure thrown in. Go easy on yourself, go easy on others. Let’s enjoy another incredible chapter of the journey together.

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