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Dear Life…

This post is inspired by Kim and the Dear Life series she shared on her So Many Places blog. If you have time, read some of these open letters of gratitude to the Universe and consider writing your own! 

Dear Life,
    I wish I could inhale all of the salt water air, drink the fresh raindrops falling on my head, and exhale serenity. I want to dive into the colors of the sunset and bathe in the light reflected from the lighthouse on the water. This is one of those moments to hold onto for the rest of my life. The beach is stormy and gray, the waves crashing noisily and happily among the ragged rocks. A proud and majestic castle stands on the hill and the French flag waves elegantly in the wind, highlighting the pale white architecture of this beautiful beach town. TheBarefootBeatBiarritz, France

I need moments like this when I am overwhelmed and alone. When I have said too many goodbyes in the last week and no longer want to say hello. When I have been staring at my computer screen for too long, longing for a real connection. When I need to cry but can’t because my heart refuses to break, refuses to let another sad story write itself within its hidden chambers. I need moments like this when I have forgotten how sacred and special this journey is for my soul. I need to listen to the waves crash, I need to remember that my travels are about more than how much money I am spending and where I will sleep tomorrow. They are about moments of silence with sand in my toes, just standing in awe of the Creator, being present. 

 San Blas, Mexico

My travels and moments like this are even more than mere words on a page or a well framed photograph. They etch themselves deep within my memory, tattoo themselves on my heart and ask to be remembered in a place I can hardly name. They nourish my soul and whisper of eternity.
So thank you Life, for giving me these moments at exactly the right time. For reminding my tired feet and weary heart that beauty and joy are all around me. Thank you for bringing me back to the present moment, for reviving my soul with moments of silence and peace. Thank you for teaching me to exhale doubt and inhale serenity. 

Tulum, Mexico

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