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Street art around the world

        One of the things I constantly find myself drawn to while visiting cities around the world is street art. The messages and images spray painted onto cracking walls in narrow alleys is often a special peak into the cultural climate of the time. Like Bankys’s work in London, or Diego Rivera’s murals in Mexico City, this anti-establishment, down to earth, don’t have to wait in line for the museum to open kind of art is something I can relate to. Here is a small photo essay of the art I’ve stumbled across on my meanderings across the globe.
This was taken in the Crossroads district in Kansas City, MO. This neighborhood hosts “First Fridays” every month and showcases the creative vibe it’s famous for with open galleries and events.
32043_532752109017_67601036_31423907_6558840_nThis was painted on the side of a building on the beach of a small fishing village in Milos, Greece. The white stuccoed houses with blue accents were truly breathtaking. DSCN3960I stumbled across this quote while walking through one of the Chicago neighborhoods eating ice cream with a friend. DSCN4635This mural is from Balmy Alley in San Francisco, CA. Located in the Mission neighborhood, this woman seems to truly come alive from the picket fence on which she was painted. DSCN5420This is another mural from the Mission district. It’s a neighborhood full of diversity that like a lot of places in the inner cities is sadly starting to become gentrified. I really liked this visual of solidarity during tough times. DSCN5446I love this stencil! I found while getting lost in Cuenca, Ecuador. It translates, “Not submissive, nor devout. A beautiful woman, free and crazy.” Go girl power! DSCN7726This was taken from a trip to the beach where we passed through Atlanta and spent an afternoon shopping the myriad of thrift stores and record shops in the Five Points neighborhood. 33495_535016346467_5030548_nThis is another photo from Ecuador taken in the town of Baños and quotes from John Lennon, “You don’t need a sword to cut two flowers.” 198496_630987474557_1736259520_nWhat are your favorite photos of street art? What neighborhoods have you walked through that have left an impression on you? I’d love to hear your stories!

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