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  • Life Musings

    10 Gift Ideas For Travelers

    This year will be my first Christmas away from my family. I’ll be celebrating the holidays in Ghana, a fact I haven’t quite wrapped my head around. The hot, humid climate has…

  • Solo Female Travel

    What to pack for a year of travel

    I confess I am a “take everything but the kitchen sink” type of traveler. The first time I visited Europe I brought a huge duffel bag with wheels in addition to a large backpack. After three and a half weeks of lugging my belongings up spiral hostel staircases and down narrow cobblestone streets I realized I never wanted to travel this way again.

  • Travel Stories

    Leaving on a jet plane

            When I was a young girl in high school fresh from my first heartbreak, I began to see freedom as synonymous with leaving. Leaving my house, my hometown, and friends felt…