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  • Faith, Life Musings

    Across the Universe

    This morning, a fellow staff member asked me about my next steps for life. This is a common question around here lately. Camp is wrapping up and we’re all in a sort…

  • Africa, Faith, Life Musings


    Tears are streaming down her cheek as we sit in the quiet chapel. She looks up at the dome ceiling, the late afternoon winter light barely illuminating the space around us. She…

  • Faith, Life Musings

    The Year of Jubilee

          Lately, I have been bursting at the seams with good news. All of my needs are being met with absolutely no effort on my part. Things are falling into…

  • Faith, Life Musings

    Unlearning Privilege

    Unlearning privilege. I write these words sideways on a piece of paper and draw a box around this phrase that strikes a chord within my heart. Around the room is a group…

  • Faith, Life Musings


    My feet hit the pavement in a shaky rhythm, a sinking pit of anxiety knotting my stomach and making me breathe heavier and faster than necessary. Quick inhales followed by deep, slow…

  • Africa, Faith


    The sky is dark and still. A street light illuminates a dismal, empty parking lot. The noise from passing traffic competes with crickets, happily chirping in dewy grass, singing their hearts out.…