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A dash, a touch, a dollop

        I’m still sick from my wanderlusting and plummeting back into work with little chance for recovery upon return. Four days of freedom stretch ahead of me, just in time to plan for the holidays and look up pumpkin pie recipes. I am sprawled out on the couch, cozied up with a blanket, cup of tea beside me. This is perfection. Add a doting mother and the word comfort is taken to a whole new level.
          She takes my empty mug of tea to the kitchen and turns on the burner. As the tea kettle whistles she asks me how I’d like it made. “One and a half packages of sugar and a touch of cream from the fridge, please,” I say. We argue over how much a ‘touch’ of cream is. “You mean a dash?” “No, a touch is more than a dash!” She brings me the steaming cup she has prepared and I take a sip. “This is the best tea I’ve ever had, what did you do to it?” “I added a dollop of cream,” she replies. I smile and suspect the secret ingredient is really a mother’s love for a daughter that has once again returned home safely.
          As the holiday season kicks into high gear and I settle back into a familiar routine, I am reminded to be grateful for the small things. Falling leaves, grocery stores, a car that runs (even if it needs a little jump starting from time to time), my own bed, and a mother who makes the perfect cup of tea when I’m sick. Happy Thanksgiving week loves!

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