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  • Life Musings, North America

    On Roots and Belonging

    There is a restlessness to my silence, a boredom in my soul, lodging itself in my heart. I am staring at the beautiful outdoors of rural Maine, arm-wrestling all of the coincidences and circumstances…

  • Life Musings

    Love practice

    Dust from the Sahara desert fertilizes the Amazon basin. Trade winds carry tons of particles containing phosphorous across the ocean, depositing the exact nutrients needed for thick jungle growth. Can we untether…

  • Life Musings


    Today is a day of more questions than answers. More queasy, heart racing, incomplete sentences than anything sure or noble to think on. This is a day of swirling memories and emotions,…

  • Life Musings


          I stride determinedly through the crowds, blue, lopsided backpack slung over my shoulder as he struggles to keep up. I’m wearing my animal print sun dress, the one I’ve been traveling…

  • Faith, Life Musings

    Live loved

    My Dearest Rebekah, Here is the letter I’ve been promising to write you, all about Love. It’s a love story and we’re part of it, but it’s not really our story. It’s…