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  • Life Musings, North America

    The February Feels

    I have a bad case of the February feels. It happens every year, around this time. The mid-winter slump hits full force and shakes me up, knocks me around a bit and offers…

  • Faith, Life Musings

    Playing with the Universe

    After a week of living in the clouds, the sky over Chicago  is blue as rain, the sun shining bright. Chicago, Illinois  The change happened suddenly yesterday when I was on the…

  • Faith, Life Musings


    Today is a day for writing under the covers. It’s a day for writing one last love letter on unlined paper, to the very first one. The very first one who said it,…

  • Faith, Life Musings

    The Year of Jubilee

          Lately, I have been bursting at the seams with good news. All of my needs are being met with absolutely no effort on my part. Things are falling into…

  • Faith, Life Musings

    Closet doors and moonbeams

    Lately I have been trying to hold moonbeams in my hand. I’ve been clinging to the noonday’s shadows, dancing in the wind, wishing I could feel its hand on the small of…

  • Faith

    Spiraling out of control

    “I think I’m going to give alcoholism a try,” I say only half-kidding. “I think I’ll just drink myself into a stupor for the next two weeks until I board the plane…