There are many spaces and folks I gain inspiration from across the blogging community. Here are some of my favorites that I always return to. If you’d like to add your website to the list for a link exchange, please send me an email at or use the contact me page. 

Lauren Crabbe is a creative force to be reckoned with! Her prose is witty, entertaining, and thoughtful. Her photography is stunning. She’s a multi-talented world traveler and adventurer who is seeking less and less security and more sincerity. She invites you to do the same with this post, “Choosing a less certain life.” 

My soul sister Lena is Grace incarnate. We had the pleasure of volunteering in Ghana together, and she is one of a kind. She writes with envious eloquence about forming a new community and identity in Kenya in this post, “Oh how everything changes with the rain.”

Sarah Somewhere is one of my favorite places to find encouragement. While Sarah and I have never met, I feel as though we are kindred spirits. Sarah writes about her travels around the world with a focus on spirituality and authenticity in this post about Allowing Abundance.”

Written Not With Ink- Rebekah is my sister who shares her beautiful insights on what it looks like to follow after God’s heart. She writes about her own inner struggle with contentment and yearning for Mexico in her post “A Year to Forget.”

Brain Pickings is a gem of literary and social commentary. It’s a treasure chest of creative reflections collected from a myriad of artists, writers, scientists, and philosophers. Maria Popova has turned me on to authors such as Alan Watts and Susan Sontag and I haven’t looked back since!

StoryCorps is a collection of oral histories from the lives of every day Americans. They are a series of interviews among generations of friends and family chronicling tragedies and triumphs, connection and collaboration. These interviews are heartfelt and hopeful. I adore them.

TED is an inspiration machine. If you haven’t already heard of this non-profit, go check them out immediately. The blog and videos feature “ideas worth spreading” from experts on topics from science and innovation to relationships and art. This TEDx talk from the founder of the Pun Pun Organic farm (located in Thailand), literally changed my life.

Simple Living
Becoming Minimalist– Joshua is an encouraging voice speaking quiet truths among the loud shouts of consumerism. Living with fewer possessions but experiencing a full life, he inspires others to do the same in his post, “Find Hope. Give Hope.”

Tree Hugger is an amazing resource for sustainable and alternative living. Featuring models of tiny houses, natural health remedies, eco-friendly travel resources, and many inspiring stories, tree hugger is a website that makes me proud to be one! 

Whole Larder Love Rohan is passionate about preserving nature, growing food, and preparing wholesome meals. He shares of a life unencumbered by materialism, instead focusing on the joy of simplicity. Read about a back country adventure in his native Australia in, “The River That Swallowed My Soul.”

Social Justice

Stories of Conflict and Love– Roxanne writes poignant stories of experiencing love and compassion in areas of conflict and war. Her post, “Anchoring Love in Memories” is a beautiful depiction of nostalgia.

Elephant Journal runs the gamut of topics from yoga, sex, relationships, poetry, and everything in between. The authors are open and honest in their reflections and expression. They offer limited free content, but you can read up to three articles per day for free! 

Mystic Mama is a great space for feminists and astrology lovers to gather and share the wisdom of Mother Earth. It’s a great place to tune into the Divine connection within us all and feel energized.

Tiny Buddha is one of the places I go to when I need stress-relief or life advice. Authors offer personal stories and life lessons with simplicity and inner awareness. I always find comfort and joy when visiting this page!

So many places is a blog I keep returning to over and over. Kim writes passionately about her travels and life on the road. Her “Dear Life” series was one of my favorite, highlighting open letters of gratitude to the Universe from women all over the world.

More helpful resources:
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