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  • North America, Poetry

    Dear Chicago,

    Dear Chicago, Will you take me back? It’s been many moons since your streetlamp lights have blocked out the view of the stars. It’s been too long since you first took me…

  • Poetry


         On warm autumn afternoons we sit in the sunshine and put fallen leaves in our hair, weaving them in and out, trying our best to glow, to transform the sun’s…

  • Poetry

    The Fault in Our Stars

    Coffee stained comforters, tea stained books, tear stained cheeks. These days I am spilling and spilling over. Love and loss are enmeshed in the chemistry of my thought patterns, they dictate the…

  • Poetry

    These hands of mine

    Around this time two years ago, my grandmother passed away. When I am overwhelmed with life (which is often, very often) I think of her weak fingers squeezing my hand and the…