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  • Life Musings

    Poverty porn

    I came across a phrase that caught my attention while perusing the internet the other day. “Poverty porn.” The article I read discussed how many NGO’s are stuck in a cycle of…

  • Life Musings

    Capture the Color

    One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to get lost with my camera. I enjoy wandering down side streets and going off the beaten path to capture the every day…

  • Life Musings

    Street art around the world

            One of the things I constantly find myself drawn to while visiting cities around the world is street art. The messages and images spray painted onto cracking walls in narrow alleys…

  • South America, Travel Stories

    La Madre Soltera

         ¨Are you married?¨ she asked me. I look up to respond and the first thing I see are her eyes. They are a light hazel, unlike the others in her community. ¨No,¨ I respond.…