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  • Faith, Life Musings

    Big Magic

    My friend Marina has been telling me to listen to the “Magic Lessons” podcast for several weeks. The other day she sent an email, telling an entire group of women, including me,…

  • Faith, Life Musings

    Across the Universe

    This morning, a fellow staff member asked me about my next steps for life. This is a common question around here lately. Camp is wrapping up and we’re all in a sort…

  • Faith, Life Musings


    Today is a day for writing under the covers. It’s a day for writing one last love letter on unlined paper, to the very first one. The very first one who said it,…

  • Faith, Life Musings

    New Year Manifesto

    I don’t really believe in resolutions or holding myself to a certain set of standards come the New Year. I think every day is an opportunity to make tiny resolutions and set…